On Sunday the 26th of April 2020 H.E. President Adama Barrow of the Republic of The Gambia presided over 4th national address in relation to COVID19 crisis where he launched the governement’s covid-19 food support program worth of D734,254,864 to 84% of needy Gambian households across the country and announced the decision to defer the tax returns for businesses in the first quota of 2019.


Tax deferment qoute H.E. President Barrow:

“We are aware that about two hundred thousand (200,000) people are engaged in the retail and service sectors. To support this important business community, the tax returns for 2019 have been deferred from the first quarter of 2020 to the second quarter. In addition, there are ongoing reviews to tease out possibilities to further support Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.”


Quotes from H.E. President Barrow during the ceremony:

“My government recognises that Gambians deserve an urgent national response to both the health and socio-economic crises resulting from losses in productivity and remittances to Gambian households.”
He added that they will ensure that support provided to all citizens, especially the vulnerable, is real in value.

“Conscious of the difficulties that confront many households, the Government has devised strict measures to ensure that our food stock is secure. I am informed by the Ministry of Trade that supplies of rice, sugar, flour and other food items are available.”

“Transparency and accountability form the cornerstone of our governance system. To uphold these principles and guarantee financial discipline and management of the resources available for the pandemic, a single government account has been opened to cater for rapid one-stop financial transactions.”


Overview of Gambia Government COVID19 response:

➡️ Commended civil society groups, politicians, individuals, the private sector and friends of The Gambia for the support to communities in response to COVID19.

➡️ Measures in progress include upgrading of health care services, provision of social support and security reinforcement.

➡️ Together with World Bank, D12M worth of equipment for the Ministry of Health have been acquired and being transported to The Gambia from Turkey.

➡️ Assessment of COVID19 holding centres across the country completed with an initial 1000 hospital beds being prepared in case of mass escalation.

➡️ Food stock; rice, sugar, flour and other items are available for public consumption.

➡️ 2019 Tax returns for the retail and service sectors have been deferred from the first quarter of 2020 to the second quarter.

➡️ 121 prisoners pardoned in the spirit of decongesting the prisons and allow for social distancing.

➡️ Over Seven hundred and thirty-four million (D734, 254, 864) is now available to support 84% of deserving households countrywide.

➡️ Single government account has been opened to cater for rapid one stop financial transactions, in the spirit of transparency and accountability.

➡️ Donation Committee already set-up to coordinate all donations regarding COVID19 and a National Response Coordinator already identified.

➡️ 33 Ambulances procured as pledge during the tour will come in handy for COVID19 response.

➡️ 2000 tonnes of fertiliser available to support farmers in the upcoming rainy season.

➡️ Government committed to ensuring policies and programs are reviewed to provide the best possible service during COVID19.


If you have questions on how the COVID19 crisis is affecting the Gambian economy, your business and how the Chamber can assist you. Contact the BLGCC on info@blgcc.be


Credit State House of The Gambia, Kerr Fatou, The Chronicle

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