The Belgium Luxembourg Gambia Chamber of Commerce – BLGCC welcomes a new member into its network:

Warme Gloed VZW / Moobeta Foundation, Belgian NGO active in The Gambia with focus on agriculture, education and health care. Their “model village” is Kunting.

Collaboration with other organizations is of paramount importance to Warme Gloed VZW. For example, this year they are again working together with Humasol, home of the engineers, for a water project in Kunting.

About Kunting:
Kunting is a small community in central Gambia. Here they were able to help in a number of ways to give the community a boost and speed things up.
All according to the golden rule:

“Learning to fish is more sustainable than giving fish”.

In the meantime, they are constantly working hard on a number of projects:

– Agriculture Project (New village garden 4.5 Ha)
– Extension of vegetable garden for school children
– Water supply for the new village garden, School garden, school
– Renovation of the school structure and accommodation
– Electricity for the school

Picture: Chairman (left), Warme Gloed VZW during the Chamber seminar on “Doing Business with Gambia and Senegal” in Antwerp, Belgium.


If you are interested to know more about their services/projects or about your benefits as a member of the Chamber please contact us on


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